Categories by platform (console)

Hi again. Is it possible in future to implement categories by platform (console)? I put the console name in front of each rom and got what follows in the print.

I don’t really understand the question here, but is this similar to this request?

Thanks for the answer. Is not it. What I wanted was to be able to choose the game by platform and not by the emulator. For example: Libreto runs several platforms, so I do not know which platform is rom, mega, 32x, 3do, dreamcast, etc. Sorry for the english by google.

Hi, @ronimc as I understand that feature is already on Lutris 0.4.8. I have categories by Platform:
-All linux games(native+linux steam)
-All windows games (wine + wine steam)

  • other consoles


Yeah, that’s why I don’t understand, that feature is already here and it seems you are using is in your screenshot.

Yes, it works like I did, but it is necessary to add the name of the platform in front. And there are also missing icons and the cover has to be placed manually.

So it is exactly related to the issue I linked to

The cover isn’t here because there’s no game matching that particular game on our website, the platform icons may or may not be implemented, I wonder if we’ll ever be able to find icons for the hundred of possible platforms we support.