Can't update WoW (R/W troubles)

I have some troubles where simply can’t write in the WoW directory any more. It’s in “~/Games/World of Warcraft/”
It is a separate folder compared to the lutrix folder.
it could access and update/touch files yesterday and the previous days.
I have checked and even used “chown anders:games -Rv ~/Games/” to make sure I have R/W permissions

Error from reads as follow:
“We couldn’t access a folder. This is usually because you’re not logged in as an administrator”.

Started lutris with command “lutris -d 1” this starts the, and this is the output from it:
anders@ArchLinux /m/multimedia> lutris -lUnsupported locale setting. Fix your -

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Is the drive NTFS?

Oh, sorry, i forgot to say that the drive is BTRFS.