Can't start RDR2 (Rockstar launcher version)

Hi folks, i’m trying to get RDR2 working on Ubuntu 20.10 with Lutris. Lutris helped to get most of my games run, but i can’t seem to get this one running. It is a rockstar launcher version (not steam). I’ve used lutris installer, it installed wine 6.4 and launcher, then launcher downloaded the 100+gb and now i can click ‘play’. Clicking on ‘play’ starts something - for about 20 seconds i see CPU really busy, but i still see desktop / lutris / launcher… after that it goes back to ‘play’.

I’ve got a lutris --submit-issue output here

as well as logs… here

Looking at the logs i suspect this to be the main issue:

wine: Unhandled page fault on execute access to 0000000000000000 at address 0000000000000000 (thread 0444), starting debugger…

there are couple of other places in the logs that look iffy… i did a bunch of googling, but wasn’t able to find anything that looked like good match…

tried a number of alternative wine builds - 6.0, 6.5-stading, 6.3-proton, 5.21-proton-ge - the behavior doesn’t seem to change. Also tried turning off dxvk in lutris - also to no avail. Would really appreciate some help - as i read that the game should be runnable, perhaps i’m missing something basic.