Cant run Lutris

Hello, newbie here…
Im trying to install a game but when I press the gamepad button in order to bring the games window it simply dont show anything and brings up an error warning without details.
I’m running a 18.04 Kubuntu with KDE 5.

Heya! I’m a Kubuntu 18.04 user myself and I’d love to try to assist you.

First off I think it would be beneficial to clear up what your actual issue is:

  1. What is the error you are talking about?
  2. Where are you getting said error? In your browser?

After finding the “gamepad button” I figured out what you are talking about at least. That button is just a link to
What happens if you try to install games directly from there?
If firefox/whatnot complains about the url: sudo update-desktop-database