Can't run command lutris (flatpak edition) from terminal

I’ve managed to install a couple of windows games from Good Old Games, but one is not working. Trying to follow the “Please read before asking for help post” and it says to run a couple of lutris commands from the the terminal.

I installed lutris from flatpak on Ubuntu 22.04.03 LTS. When I try to run lutris -d from the command line, it says the command is not found but I could install lutris using sudo apt install lutris. I have checked and lutris is not running.

Do I need to add something to my search path? Or is there a different way to run these diagnostics for users of the flatpak version of lutris?



full disclosure, i have no idea how flatpak works, because if something comes on a flatpak I just don’t use it.

However… any problem that says "command not found " simply means that the command was not found in a directory which is in your PATH variable.

just figure out what the path is to lutris and then run it using the full path name from the command line.

figuring out where flatpak put it is going to be the part someone else will need to help with.

if you have an icon you are using to run it, you should be able to right click, and look for properties (maybe) and it should give you the full path to the executable.

I say maybe because i just tried to do that and i cannot get Mint to tell me what the path of an executable is sitting behind the icon, which is really, REALLY annoying.

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Thanks - I am increasingly of your opinion that I should just abandon flatpak. I hesitate because I have a couple of games working already and the lutris version in the flatpak seems much advanced over what Ubuntu points to for their suggested install. I have no experience installing from repositories such as GitHub or compiling from source.

Nevertheless, I cannot find the lutris executable as installed by flatpak nor does the Ubuntu ‘details’ option from right clicking on the icon provide any useful details. If I can find the lutris executable I can add it to the search path.

I’m running Linux Mint 21.2 and I downloaded


and installed it,

ii lutris 0.5.13

Has been working just fine.
Remember that Lutris is a games “manager” so, theoretically, Lutris itself should not cause too much trouble (but library hell can affect just about anything, hence the reason for “solutions” like flatpak, so YMMV).

The real trick is getting the right environment, wine-blah-blah, Proton-blah-blah, etc… to run the games you want.

FYI i have wineHQ-staging-8.12 and lutris-GE-Proton8-12-x86_64 and that’s been working well for me.

I have done the same on Ubuntu now, although results are mixed in interacting with GoG. One case is library hell in a native linux game for sure. In some cases, using lutris to do the installation of a windows game from GoG just outright fails. In other cases, I’m hamstrung by this particular hardware - video driver issues on a laptop with both on board Intel and Nvidia graphics, a well-known pain in the ass.

I guess I’m really depending on Lutris to run the installers for these windows games from GoG as well as set up the right wine environment. I’m sometimes failing at the first step, sometimes the second.

That’s too bad :frowning:

I’ve been lucky in that the games i’ve been installing are fairly popular so I have been able to get help because lots of other people were also looking for help.

Probably nothing else you can do at this point other than to post for help on the particular games and hope someone else has succeeded.

p.s. i have installed several GOG games. So far it’s gone very smoothly except for a drive I mounted with the noexec option (I have another post about that :laughing:)

Thanks. I think these games are pretty common for the most part. I will search the forums and discord server before making help requests, though.