Can't remove game from library

So I downloaded a game, called Smash Battle. If was automatically added to Lutris, which is great, but the problem is, 2 instances of it were added. One called “Smash Battle”, and the other called “Smash Battle (fullscreen)”. I don’t know why, but having 2 instances bugs me. So I right clicked on one, and clicked “Remove”, then checked the “Remove from my library” box, and pressed apply. And it was removed, as it should be. But when I quit then start Lutris, it appears again. I tried it on several other games, same problem.

I am running Ubuntu 18.04, Lutris version 0.4.18

Thank you.

I have had the same issue, and have not found a solution yet. I have completely removed the files for the game, but lutris seems to think it is still there.

Dirty solution:

in ~/.config/lutris/games, remove yml files for the game you want delete.

That works. Thanks.