Can't play Lankhor Official F1 Racing 1998

Hey guys,

I’ve got maybe a newbie problem, but still maybe somebody can help me.

I managed after a week of tears, sweat and blood to install this game Official Formula One Racing « Old PC Gaming

But now I have the following issues:

  1. Officially it was on 3dfx but this doesn’t work at all. Is there a way to properly install it
  2. Also there are version with DirectPlay and Software Support which do work, BUT the SYSTEM button inside kills the game and also games AI doesn’t work, so the only car moving is mine.


I think Windows 10/11 users will have the same issues to be honest. Back in the day, 3dfx cards were very specific graphic cards with a very specific API. There is a project which is often used called dgVoodoo2 which emulates these cards.

Interestingly, Lutris has support for dgVoodoo2. Its under the game’s configuration, runner options in the form of an enable switch.

As for the second issue, best thing is to open the log and see what is happening. Maybe some library is missing which can be installed as a winetrick? Who knows.

Hi tfc,

I actually launched it on windows 11 VM with nglide, compatibility with windows xp, admin and support icci, it worked. I’m just trying to find a solution to do the same on linux.

So any help will be very much appreciated.



Here is the log:

Started initial process 142937 from /home/cryptteller/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/wine-ge-8-26-x86_64/bin/wine /home/cryptteller/2ssd/Games/f1/drive_c/Formula 1/OF1R_SW3D.EXE
Start monitoring process.
fsync: up and running.
wine: RLIMIT_NICE is <= 20, unable to use setpriority safely
glx: failed to create dri3 screen
failed to load driver: nouveau
wine client error:10c: write: Bad file descriptor

This is interesting. Do you have an NVidia GPU? The nouveau driver is the open source fallback driver. But its not very good for gaming.

Yes, Nvidia 3070. OS is Pop_OS.

In Lutris I’ve changed settings so instead of using AMD GPU it now uses Nvidia GPU. Now game works, AI works, but it brakes the display manager. ))))))))

As for Wine, I use wine 9-5 Staging

Hmmm, that’s weird - after all display glitches, I rebooted and now the game is not installed and it’s folder is deleted. Lutris suggests to install it using Sega Mega

Hm. Don’t know about sega mega. Its a PC game.

You probably have a system with an AMD APU and an NVidia 3070 along side it. AMD supports its hardware out of the box in the kernel and thus the GPU driver is available. NVidia does not. This driver needs to be installed separately. I think this can be done via the POP OS package manager/store.

When this is done and after a reboot, you should be able to select the NVidia stack via Lutris.

This is not specific to this game. All your games will benefit from this. But I would first make sure this is done so you base system is correctly configured.

As of my knowledge Nvidia Drivers are pre-installed with Pop_OS. That’s what I have - Driver Version: 550.67 CUDA Version: 12.4