Cant play game on steamwine

i am trying to play a steam game and i don’t know if its crashing or not but its not launching. checking the logs i see this error \src\common\html\chrome_ipc_client.cpp (764) : Assertion Failed: Failed to connect to master html process, created shared memory (spawn time 60.27)

Looks like this problem:

See the last few comments.

Are you using a NTFS partition?

Which drive do I format? The wine drive or my hard drive?

On wine? How do I check.

Wine itself doesn’t have any NTFS simulation, so this is clearly a system thing.
NTFS (Windows partitions) don’t have proper support on Linux (there is some but it’s a simulated reverse-engineered driver because Micro$oft), so you should avoid using those whenever possible. You can probably check by looking through the output of mount (the line of the partition you’re using would contain type of “ntfs”, or “ntfs-3g”, or “fuse.ntfs”, or whatever it is nowadays…)

So to use lutris I have to have a ntfs formatted system? My hd is formatted as btrfs.

Read carefully, please. The guy above noticed a similar thread and suggested that the cause of your problem could be NTFS, you asked if it’s a “wine drive” thing or a system one, I explained how to tell if your disk has NTFS.
If you don’t have NTFS in the first place then you should say so and ask for different suggestions. …Although I have no idea if BTRFS has any problems (or if your mount setup does) so you can try replacing it with something more standard if there’s no better ideas. (Personally I haven’t used anything except ext4 in ages… and reiserfs for a while before that, so I wouldn’t know.)

Yeah. That was me. :slight_smile:

The clue which triggered me was the last posts in that thread. He was using a NTFS partition and solved it by reformatting the partition he placed his game on to a native Linux partition type. So naturally I asked what partition type you have.

The underlying idea is that WINE/Proton (that’s what Lutris manages) is a Linux program. And thus Linux expects Linux permissions to be correct. Since NTFS is a Windows file system Linux commands to set user privileges won’t work or will not work as expected.

As LeXofLeviafan mentioned you can check your partitions using the mount command in a terminal.

You should see a line with your mount point. It has an item called type with something behind it. If it is ext4 then we have to look further. If it says ntfs then I would try moving the game to a location you know is ext4, set the permissions right and see if the problem occurs. When placing it in your home directory (or folder) chances are that those permissions are correct. Because it’s your home directory.

When uncertain you can always check (again in a terminal) what permissions are on the game directory:

ll ~/gamedirpath

When you don’t see your username as owner, take ownership. Because you own it…:sunglasses::

chown -R <username> ~/gamedirpath


  • Linux works best with ext4;
  • permissions must be set to your user account;
  • use mount to check your file system type;
  • use ll (that’s Lima Lima not slash slash) command to list files with details;
  • use chown to change the owner of files or directories to your user account;

Hope this helps.

Just so you know, you can do inline code block in Markdown using backticks (`ll`) :slight_smile:
…And if you need backticks inside the inline code block, you can use multiple backticks with whitespace (two or more, with equal number of backticks on the other side: `` `ll` ``).

Yeah. Forgot to do that in the TL;DR section…