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Can't open or wow


Yesterday I installed through lutris, then downloaded and successfully played WoW for a few hours.

Today after restarting my computer I can’t open or WoW. I can find the application icons when I search for them, and I can right click them and select open new window, but other than a brief spike in CPU activity and network traffic spiking to 40 KB/s for a second or so, nothing seems to happen. When I watch active processes in system monitor I don’t see anything by either name when I try.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Just a tip, check that you have installed all the dependencies listed for with Lutris. You need to follow the install instructions to the tee including not installing WoW until you have allowed the Lutris script to complete. Once you have selected your region during the installation and the battlenet login screen appears, do not login, close the window and allow the script to finish. From there you can launch and install or locate the WoW game.
If you did successfully download WoW, check in your ~/Games/world-of-warcraft/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/World of Warcraft (don’t just put this in terminal, it won’t go to the folder) to see if the _retail_ folder exists. If it does, move the whole World of Warcraft folder to ~\Games - you can use locate in battlenet to point to this and not download the game again.
Run the World of Warcraft installer again, and follow the instructions as I mentioned, relaunch the game and use locate to get the games files (it will be under the z: drive on the locate in home\your user name\Games folder).
Hope this helps.