Can't Obtain System Code Integrity info (C0000003)!

Hey there, I download this game called SCP Secret Laboratory, and when I was going to play I got this error “Can’t Obtain System Code Integrity info (C0000003)!”, I was wondering if anyone here could help me out.

Hey there, so I have good news for you! The vanilla versions of Proton (the ones that Steam Native AND Runtime) uses completely do not work for this game. Instead, you have to use a custom version of Proton called Glorious Egg-roll (GE) that works beautifully with this game on Linux. Proton GE Releases

All you have to do is extract the tarball (tar.gz) into a folder, create a new folder in Steam’s directory called “compatibilitytools.d”, and stick the extracted tarball folder into that “compatibilitytools.d” folder. Then force SCP: Secret Laboratory to use one of the Proton GE compatibility tools you just put in the Steam directory. Feel free to reply if this worked or if you have any more concerns!


I did just that, but when I put the proton version, its version does not appear on steam. Can someone help me?

Most likely, there was some human error in the mix, if you could post some screenshots showing the compatibilitytools.d folder and its contents, that would be great! Also, make sure to restart Steam after you move the extracted tarball for Proton GE in the compatibilitytools.d folder.