Can't Login to Origin: "Online login is currently unavailable"

Ditto. Clean install of Manjaro > Wine > Lutris > Origin… “Online login is currently unavailable”

Via Add / Remove Programs installed lib32-gnutls… and suddenly all is working well (seemingly).

If lib32-gnutls is a dependency, any chance it can be added so that Origin works out of the box please!? (non-developer, so can’t do it myself sorry)

I love you, man :slight_smile: I’ve tried half of the complicated f***ing solutions here and nothing worked. This simple one did it for me! This should be marked as a definite and best solution. Thank you!

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I’m confused about this. Where do you add/remove programs?
My operating system is PopOS 20.

Do you mean the os package manager? Or is this somewhere in wine, or in lutris?
apt doesn’t find lib32-gnutls

It was doing my head in as well. When I found this I knew I had to share it nice and clear! :smile:

Yes, I meant the OS package manager - on Manjaro that’s pamac but the UI calls it “Add / Remove…”. Sadly, not sure this fix will be for you as Manjaro is Arch based and PopOS is Ubuntu based.

From the description of the library, it provides TLS on 32 bit, which I’m guessing is the thing that Origin is trying to use over Wine to phone home and log in. Total guesswork and might be a red herring. Beyond that, I’ll be no help, not that I’m much help anyway! :smile: Best of luck!

Had the same problem and installing this package worked, thanks!
Tip: For Fedora users that had the same problem: “lib32-gnutls” package is named “gnutls.i686” on DNF

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