Can't launch PCM 2018

Hello guys,

I’m pretty new to lutris, wine and linux in general even though I’m studying computer science and we use linux at school. I already managed to make a game works on wine steam, but I can’t do the same for Pro Cycling Manager 2018 cause there is no installer, so I manually add it myself with the appID. I think the game start because I can hear the game sound, but there is no image and the console output when the sound start is this :

[0710/] Crash reporting enabled for process: renderer
[0710/] Crash reporting enabled for process: gpu-process

And also before the game start steam is installing Microsoft .NET Framework each time. Hope you can help me make it work ^^

Thanks for your help, but I got the same thing. I log in steam, steam try to install .NET every time, I can hear the game sound and got the same two error. I will try to give some more info.

I’m using solus budgie, wine 3.12 staging, lutris 0.4.18, I got a geforce gtx 750 ti and I use the proprietary drivers. I also disabled lutris runtime because with it, I can’t launch even steam. If you need more info, I’ll give it to you.

EDIT : I don’t know if It’s a wine problem or lutris problem but even after being installed (directX) by steam and reinstalled “by hand” with the .exe in _commonredist the game won’t start because of a wrong directx version.

EDIT 2 : Finally with some tweakings, the best result I could achieve is, I launch the game, I can hear the game sound but no display even a single window.