Can't install winesteam

Hi guys

When I try to install a game to run in Steam via Wine, it keeps downloading the SteamInstall.msi package from but never ends, it just keeps downloading it. Can anyone help?

Many thanks

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Hi Martyn,
I’ve seen this bug in the past but I can’t reproduce it now. If you still encounter it, can you run lutris with the command
lutris -d
in a terminal, and paste here the output after the bug happens?

As a workaround, if you manually install Steam for Wine in your default Wine prefix (~/.wine), it will be recognized and used by Lutris.

Hi, thanks for the reply. It’s weird but it seems to be working fine now although I do have a different issue - the axes on my joypad are messed up; left and right on the right stick work fine but up and down are controlled on the vertical axis for the right stick. Any ideas?

Well I’m glad it’s working :). Strider added some fixes to the installer process in the last few days so maybe that’s that.

As for joypad issues, xinput support was added by @strider so he’ll probably know better than I do.

Glad the winesteam install is fixed. The automatic runner installation must have helped indeed.

Wine games will only support XInput if certain steps are followed, currently there are 2 games that use this feature in their installer: Dark Souls and Darksiders.
I made a video to explain in detail how it’s done:

@martynjlewis are your controller axis inverted on every game? And is it specific to games launched with Lutris?

Hi Strider, at first I thought it was games installed via Lutris but it seems to be any wine games. Even more strange though, using the 4.1 kernel, the axes are fine but if I use 4.4, they are messed up.