Can't install starcraft II ( starcraft 2 )


You are my last chance …

I’m trying to install Starcraft 2, two year ago by adding starcraft 2 in my library, today by adding launcher.

In both case, laucher is ok and launch, but when I click on “Install” button, new windows open ( as expected ) and block at this step. It don’t freeze ( spinner is spinning )

No errors, no logs, no idees … need help

OS : debian stretch
Lutris version : 0.4.18
wine HQ : last stable

I allready trydeleting C: \ ProgramData \ Battle . net

Can you try switching to esync-3.13?

If that doesn’t work, try staging 3.13, staging 312, in that order.

Thx, I had the exact same issue, apparently I can install the game now with esync-3.14.

I hope that the game will run fine once installed :slight_smile:

All games should run fine. Blizzard App just had some issues. I’m glad esync-3.14 works for you. I’m planning to update all instalers to that once I get confirmation of a few people that their problems are solved.

I have play 5minutes just to test, the game was running fine.
My test was with all graphics at minimum, I have to make more test to increase graphics.

But it seem that the game can run fine.

That’s a good news for me, as I’m new on linux desktop (I manage server for years) and I want to play my games without restarting to windows.

Thx again for your help.