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Cant install retail wow or wow classic

hey, im trying to install wow, ive followed an instructions to install vulkan, wine and depencies. My installer gets stuck at 0%.


There was an update to Agent.exe overnight which seems to have broken the installer and on Linux.

damn, lets hope for a quick fix :slight_smile: this is what basically happens :smiley: ive been stuck here few hours .D

Someone else was able to get this to succeed after multiple tries. I was able to use the Overwatch install script.

ow script gives me this error

You have the blizzard installer saying “Installing” and showing 0%?
Press cancel and the Lutris script should finish.

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yeah it either goes to 90% and then suddenly progression drops to 0% and gets stuck there. Or alternatively it gets stuck at 90%

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Just hit cancels when it stops, and let the Lutris script finish. It is trying to launch the World Map box to select your region before showing the login screen. Once the Lutris script is finished, you should have Overwatch launch option in Lutris

this actually worked, but im not able to install wow :smiley:

Do you have a Windows PC with WOW on it?

nope :S

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When you logged in, did it take you to the Overwatch game page?


Trying to work out how to share a file with you. The older version of Agent.exe placed in the right folder will allow you to download WoW

NVM Do you have enough hard drive space to install VirtualBox and create a Windows VM? If you do, install on that and use it to Download the game files onto a shared ext4 directory (I use VMWare so not 100% sure how to do it on VirtualBox) and use locate game to add them to your Lutris instance…

any luck yet?

Do you have a somewhere I can ftp a 5.5mb file?

upload it to anonfiles?

Use this Agent.exe (7984 5.5Mb) to replace just the Agent.exe file found in the Agent.8009 folder (ProgramData/

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better :smiley: now im stuck here


Could you try upload that version again? I’m facing the exact same issue.