Cant install MTG Arena anymore

I’am trying to install MTG Arena self-updating version from lutris website and i got errors that I dont understand:

Executing load_dotnet48 
warning: This package (dotnet48) is broken in wine-5.12-23739-g0926dc8d033. Broken since 5.12. Upgrade to >=5.18. See for more info. Use --force to try anyway.
Monitored process exited.
Initial process has exited (return code: 25344)
Exit with return code 25344

I have purged everything and installed from scratch, but error still appears.
I’m running current version of ubuntu 23.10

wine --version
wine-8.20 (Staging)
winetricks --version
20230212-next - sha256sum: fe0550e0d843214f87dcb0f4aa591be0046fa93db7b8330217dd926258e628fc
lutris --version

Any one know what is going on?

The self updating version is… temperamental. I’m on Debian (PikaOS) and I got the same exit code when I first installed, restarted the installation without changing or deleting anything and it worked. Try just installing it twice and see if it gets further like it did for me. Otherwise, try the Steam version and if that fails as well go with the manual.

Also for me Ambient Occlusion makes it so the whole in-game board is black/very very dark. Try your settings in a bot match first.