Can't install Linux native games

I get a Runtime error (Wine is not installed) whenever i try to install any Linux native games. I have tried on two different systems, a desktop running Arch, and my laptop running Solus. I dual boot Win10 on my desktop to play Windows games, so I have no reason or purpose to have Wine installed on my Linux partition.

Wine should never be required to install/play native games.

Here is a pastebin of lutris -d while trying to install Darkest Dungeon on Solus using the GOG native install scripts: ####@########### ~ $ lutris -d2021-11-21 21:35:09,841: Package 'distro' unavai - I get the same error when trying to install Stellaris as well.

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Hm. That’s weird indeed. The download page only suggests WINE to be installed when the user wants to play Windows based games.

It could be a bug. Issues like this can be posted here: