Cant install GOG or Secret of monkey island SE


I tried to install Secret of monkey island SE with lutris but it dosent work, all i get is an white screen when trying to launch the game. So i tried to install GOG galaxy butr that dont work either. Dont Lutris support this game?

I am running ubuntu 18.04


I have analog problem with GOG or Gwent. I think the problem is in GOG
I am running ubuntu mate 18.04

Hello does it work with older ubuntu version or with other linux distors like for example arch?

I am also experiencing problems with Secret of monkey island SE, though the Steam version.
The main menu starts flawlessly, but whenever I start a new game it just shows the Island of Melee and nothing happens. Maybe this is related?

Can it be that something is missing? like net framework? This is sad because it forces me to install windows alongside so i can play my newly purchased games, i thought i was done with windows.

I tried to found what dont work, but when it crashes i cant see whats going wrong? Does anyone know how i could debug?

right click the game select wine configuration graphics virtual desktop select a resolution about half your current resolution

It’s different for Lutris. Lutris will ignore that. You set the virtual desktop resolution under Runner options.