Can't install games, error 256

Good evening, previously I had no problems using lutris, but recently I have not been able to install anything, I have tried, but it keeps giving me an error, error 256, I have tried several times to install a game without success, one thing i have noticed is that the wine tab no longer opens for configuring perfix, maybe that is part of the problem

I’m using PeppermintOS x86_64 with xfce desktop environment, I don’t know if that’s relevant for an installation, but it’s good to make that clear

Log in pastebin
sorry for the Spanish parts in the log

I have checked your logs and it seems like lutris can’t download some necessary files. Check your internet connection and if you live in area where internet is heavily censored consider using a VPN or connecting to another network.

If the problem persists, I would recommend you reinstall lutris completely, run

sudo apt-get purge <lutris package name>

And then install it again

You can also try

1.Updating your system:

sudo apt update & sudo apt-get upgrade
  1. Installing python3 on your system
    Some of the errors in the log were related to python

Let me know if this helps!

I appreciate the answer, I have tried to uninstall lutris, delete everything related to it, and make a clean installation of the program, however, I keep getting errors when installing, precisely with the same error, it is quite frustrating, and especially when the first time this error was only momentary, but I managed to install and run the games without problem.