Can't install Frostpunk with GOG

I am using the installer script from to install Frostpunk. GOG installs, but when the client has downloaded 97% of the game and attempts to “Execute setup”, it says install failed. I can retry, but no luck. If I close the client, and attempt to open it again via Lutris, absolutely nothing happens. The client wont open.

I am on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish.

Anyone experienced anything like this?

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In the Frostpunk installer page, I only see one GOG related script. I believe you can download the installer yourself and then feed it to the installer.

That’s the installer I used

GoG integration is borked for me:

This might be related.

I see that @DragonFox has the version 5.9.1 and that might be the reason, you guys might want to try the latest release 5.10 but I’m aware that the PPA has only the 5.9.1 so you will have to install the update manually.

I just installed Hotline Miami without any issues from my GOG account but I’m in 5.10

5.9.1 of what? GOG, Lutris or Frostpunk?


PPA is now on a newer version and I only needed to disconnect Lutris from gog and connect again (restarting Lutris might be required)

Then it works just fine

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