Can't install Doom 2016

I’ve been trying to install Doom 2016, but it hangs on installing game data. I’m not sure if its downloading or something, but I left it running for multiple days and nothing happened. I’m not sure what information you need but I’m running Linux Mint 19, I have an i5-2400, 14gb of ram and a gtx 1060 6gb.

Cancel the installer.
Right click game icon and click Install a 2nd time.
This happens a lot to me in Lutris.
It has to do with steam updates.
Steam updates and simulates a windows reboot and borks the install.
Try again.

I’m not sure what you mean by the game icon. Should there be an icon for the game in Lutris? All I see in Lutris is the other games I’ve installed.

Have you linked Lutris to your steam account? If not log in to steam and make your complete profile public and then on (main site not forum) click your account and then import your steam library. Lutris will then list games you own but haven’t installed.

There are 2 ways you can proceed here, you can either right-click a game and click install or you can use your Wine version of Steam to install the game data.

With games that require large downloads like Doom I like to install the game data separate.

In Lutris, right click a launcher for a WineSteam game you already have installed and click configure.

Click the ‘Runner Options’ tab and uncheck “Stop Steam after game exits” and click save.

Launch that game and then exit it. You will see that Steam is still running.

Install Doom through steam.

When it has downloaded and installed exit that steam client and run the Doom installer in Lutris. It will go through all of the steps but not download the data so you should get on fine.

Don’t forget to change your original game back to close steam on exit.

I linked Lutris to my steam account. All my games now show up. I don’t already have any WineSteam games installed but when I try to install any smaller Winesteam games I have they hang at installing game data as well. I think there must be some sort of configuration wrong but I don’t know what.

When I try to install a linux steam game I get an error that says: Fatal Error: failed to load

I’m not sure why any of this is happening.

Launch Lutris from the terminal so you can view any errors

Ah, I discovered the problem. Wine32 wasn’t installed for some reason. After installing that I was able to get small file size WineSteam games to install. Doom is downloading through WineSteam like you told me how to. Thanks for the help!

I am using mint 19 also.
Well, you should have an icon.
If no then go to the lutris website and search for the game and click on ‘add to my library’.
In lutris click Lutris->synch library. exit. reopen lutris. the game icon will appear.

Hi, DOOM is on “Play Steam” available.

Check it with the Steam for Linux client.