Can't Install Diablo 3 or

Hi I’ve been trying to install Diablo 3 but Lutris itself seems to do nothing, with no discernible error.

Paste of --submit-issue: Ubuntu Pastebin

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Which version of lutris did you install? I have found that if you install the ubuntu software center version it doesnt work. I have the flatpak version which is the latest and greatest which just works. Look into that first :smiley:

Ooooooo. I used the software center one of course. I’ll try flat pak and report back.

That should clear up your issues and the flatpak version comes with glorious eggrolls lutris runner with runs diablo 3 and overwatch 2 smoothly

Confirming that the flatpak version of Lutris worked without issue. Thanks for the heads up Brony1984.

Thanks for the fix! I’ve been trying to get D3 up without success.