Cant install

After downloading all the dependencies i clicked “install” on the wow page in lutris, finished installing and tried running it.
Keeps saying
“The file /home/laptop/Games/world-of-warcraft/drive_c/ProgramFiles(x86)/ Launcher.exe could not be found”
What do i do?

did you check the path to the file and the file it is correct named?

the path seems right but theres nothing related to blizzard after programfilesx86

hey man, i believe i can help you with that.

go start fresh(not necessery but for organize is good)

  1. first delete battle net from lutris - rightclick ‘‘remove’’
  2. **lutris-preference**s: Main game folder > mine is ~/Games ,let yours be too
  3. .i_nstall desired battle net script and wait till script automaticaly close login window_
  4. restart lutris and rightclick battlenet** and choose run exe inside lutris and locate ( mine is in /home/your_username/Games/your_desired_folder_when_installing_battlenetlauncher/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/

choose manualy the execute program again if youll have grayed out button when installing a game from launcher


Install dependencies listed correctly.