Cant hear voice chat in Overwatch

I can talk to my team, they can hear me. But I cannot hear them.

Im using the latest version of Kubuntu, clean install.
Under “Voice comms devices” ive had it set as default device, and comms device, neither work.
Playback device is “Pulse Audio” regular game sound also works with “Speakers Analog Stereo”
I have 3 playback outputs, and two inputs, I’ve muted all the outputs and inputs that arent being used. Is “muting” in Kubuntu like disabling? Its a toggleable action.

My PC specs are:
Ryzen 5 1600
RX 590
DDR4 @ 2133
Kingston SSD

What other kind of information should I post to get a solution?

Don’t know if you solved this problem, but for anyone having a problem like this:

Try installing pavu control, opening it together with overwatch and ask for someone to say something in the voice chat.

As soon as you see their icon indicating that they’re talking, switch to pavu control. In the stream tab you’ll find a specif stream for the voice chat that must be playing in the wrong device, change it to your default audio device.

That’s what worked for me