Can't get RADV_DEBUG environment variable get passed to games

This is a debug variable for MESA which changes the shader compiler from ACO back to LLVM. It’s not a MESA driver issue, since I tested with some DXVK steam games, it works well there, when I define “RADV_DEBUG=llvm %command%” as start option.

In Lutris I tried with Witcher 3 and GTA V: When I set RADV_DEBUG=llvm as environment variables, the game still launches with the ACO compiler, so the environment variable does not seem to have any effect.

strange enough, the DXVK_HUD variable (to show which shader compiler I am using) gets passed.

this is a bit annoying, since GTA V has severe rendering bugs with ACO and Navi2 cards.

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Hey, is it possible this is being overridden by “Use ACO shader compiler” in System Options of your game’s configuration? One would think that should now be ignored (no more “RADV_PERFTEST”) but I’d check to make sure that’s set to disabled in case it does something else like unset.

If not that, then confirm that other environment variables are being passed. Set something that you know will have an effect that you can identify.

Hi, thanks for you reply. I just fixed this yesterday.

RADV_DEBUG was always overwritten by lutris when using DXVK.

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