Can't get Lutris logs

I’m having some problems using Lutris, but in the process of trying to get help for said problems I found a different problem: the “lutris -d” command gives me an error. Is there another way to get the logs I need to make a proper support request?

I’m on a Raspberry Pi 5 8gb running Ubuntu 23.10, and I have box86 and box64 installed to run x86 programs (I’ve gotten a couple games to run through Steam, so I know they’re at least kind of working). Here’s what my terminal gave me:

Seems like you don’t have a package that provides 7z command, try installing p7zip on your system

sudo apt-get install p7zip

Also it seems like aarch64 architecture is not supported, I can’t tell if this error is related to previous log message or Lutris

If you need to check logs of a game, you can launch lutris without -d flag and open logs from the app


I tried to install p7zip and it said I already have the current version, but still says I’m missing the 7z command.

Are the logs from lutris -d and the ones you get from inside the app the same? Because I can get them from in the app just fine.

No, “show logs” button shows only game-related logs

You might need to reinstall lutris, but I would recommend you running lutris without -d flag and see if there are errors in the terminal

Usually when there’s an error it will show without debug mode as well

You can check more info here

It is very strange that lutris gives “command 7z not found” error, you can file a bug on lutris github page

Okay, so I reinstalled Lutris, but this time I installed it with “sudo apt install lutris” instead of installing it from the deb file, and that seems to have fixed the “command 7z not found” error.

I also realized that my logs are actually fine, I was just misunderstanding how to use them. I didn’t realize that I had to run a game with the window still open to generate the logs, I thought I would input the command and it would give me logs of the last thing I did, so when I input the command and didn’t get anything, I assumed something must be wrong.

Now that I know how to actually get the logs, I’m gonna go make new posts for my actual problems.