Can't get FFXIV to go full screen

I got FFXIV up and running fine, but I can not seem to get it to go full screen. I have tried 1080p, Quad HD (1440p), and 4K resolutions, none of them will it go full screen. If I choose 1440p it reverts the desktop back to 1024x768 and if I do 1080p it reverts the desktop back to 1920x1080 - and in both cases after the game “bugs out” / locks up, when I move my mouse it looks like I’m scrolling over my desktop at that lower resolution. The GUI becomes locked at that point and I have to use htop via SSH on my phone to kill off the ffxiv application.

When I do attempt doing any resolution full screen I see what appears to be multiple windows of the game staggered across my desktop - see attached screenshot.

No error is reported via lutris -d
info: DXGI: Setting display mode: 3840x2160@60 <<< locks up
WARNING 2018-12-27 07:31:50,305 [thread]:Thread aborting now <<< me using HTOP to kill the FFXIV process < Forum stated my image was too large even (over 4 MB) after reducing it to 1.8 MB.

Runs at 20-30 FPS @ 3456x1944 windowed. So I know the video card is capable of this at at least 10 FPS!

GeForce GTX 960
Core i7 4970k / 8 cores @ 4 GHz each