Can't get F1 2019 to run via Lutris

The game doesn’t have any available installers but that’s not the issue. It runs perfectly via Proton. I just wanted to add the game as a shortcut in Lutris so I can have all my games in one place and not have to open steam and run it from there. The problem is the application ID’s default option is to open the DX12 version so it obviously doesn’t work. There is only 1 game id and it is 928600 and they’ve not made another one for the DX11 exe. I tried using launch options such as " -force-d3d11 " but none of them work. I just have to trick lutris into opening the DX11 version but I’ve no clue how. Any ideas?
edit: To clarify, here is the dialog prompt that pops up when opening the game directly from Steam:


When I open it via Lutris it skipps this and goes directly to the default DX12 mode. That’s what I want to circumvent.

EDIT2 : Found a temporary solution by renaming the F1_2019.exe to F1_2019_DX12.EXE and moving the original dx12 exe to a backup folder. It’s working so far but I’m thinking after it updates I’d have to do it all over again