Can't create application menu shortcuts (flatpak)

I’m using Lutris as a flatpak (0.5.11) and I have an issue creating application menu shortcuts for games installed: when using the option, I can’t find one in the Applications menu (nothing created in ~/.local/share/applications). When trying this yesterday, the option was replaced by “remove application menu shortcut” even though there was no shortcut to be seen, it did nothing and was stuck on that; today (not sure why), it stays on “create application menu shortcut” but still does nothing.

The option to create a desktop shortcut seems to work, the issue is only with the one to create a shortcut in the applications menu.

Creating a desktop shortcut, moving it to ~/.local/share/applications works, it’s perfectly functional and Lutris then shows the option to delete it. But it does nothing either, the shortcut isn’t deleted.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug related to the sandbox mode of flatpak (it’s supposed to be able to access files/dirs in the user’s home but I’m not sure about config dirs like ~/.local/share) or if it’s more general.

Using Kubuntu 22.04 if that matters.


Getting similar results on Steam Deck, the Flatpak installed Lutris can’t create Application Menu shortcuts, nor add the game to Steam.

I’m having the same issue, also on Kubuntu 22.04 and installed Lutris via the flatpak