Can't create application menu shortcuts (flatpak)

I’m using Lutris as a flatpak (0.5.11) and I have an issue creating application menu shortcuts for games installed: when using the option, I can’t find one in the Applications menu (nothing created in ~/.local/share/applications). When trying this yesterday, the option was replaced by “remove application menu shortcut” even though there was no shortcut to be seen, it did nothing and was stuck on that; today (not sure why), it stays on “create application menu shortcut” but still does nothing.

The option to create a desktop shortcut seems to work, the issue is only with the one to create a shortcut in the applications menu.

Creating a desktop shortcut, moving it to ~/.local/share/applications works, it’s perfectly functional and Lutris then shows the option to delete it. But it does nothing either, the shortcut isn’t deleted.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug related to the sandbox mode of flatpak (it’s supposed to be able to access files/dirs in the user’s home but I’m not sure about config dirs like ~/.local/share) or if it’s more general.

Using Kubuntu 22.04 if that matters.


Getting similar results on Steam Deck, the Flatpak installed Lutris can’t create Application Menu shortcuts, nor add the game to Steam.