Cannot remove games from my library


Im trying to make a clean installation of Lutris. So that my game library will be empty. But when i install Lutris all over again. My old library still exists (i have also deleted /.config/lutris/). How can i “hard” reset Lutris. Like EVERYTHING!

[solved] Im deleting my entire system. This will fix the error

Well… you probably used the same (default?) location for the library. You just needed to manually delete that location if you didn’t want that stuff showing up again.

Personally I don’t let Lutris delete anything, I remove the game entries then manually delete the install location. If there’s a checkbox to remove the files when removing a game entry, I uncheck it.

You don’t have to redo your whole system because of games. There is nothing you can’t fix here by manual deletion at worst. Now, if your system libraries were all messed up somehow and lutris and/or games wont run that might be a different story but it didn’t sound like that was the case.