Cannot join a game league of legends

I’ve always been able to play league of legends with lutris on manjaro

But today I’ve updated lutris and after that I couldn’t launch the game anymore.
So I reinstalled it only to get this error

After closing it I can still click on play.
When I do, everything works fine, but when I join a game (after everyone locked its champion) I get kicked out and send to the reconnect screen… When I try to reconnect, it gives me black screen and then puts me back to the reconnect screen.

I’d really love to get this fixed!

I downloaded the game through the official website. And ran the installer.exe trough wine.
I’m not able to run ‘/Riot Games/League of Legends/LeagueClient.exe’ trough lutris, but I am able to run it with wine using the terminal.

However I still have the same problem of being disconnected on the moment the loading screen comes (so from the moment ‘/Riot Games/League of Legends/Game/League of Legends.exe’ need to run)

The only error I get is in the terminal upon opening ‘League of Legends.exe’:
0abc:fixme:ntdll:NtQuerySystemInformation returning fake driver list

Damn, finally found someone with exactly the same problem as me, and no bananas here.