Cannot install Sims 4, installation does not finish

So I get this error:
wine: RLIMIT_NICE is <= 20, unable to use setpriority safely while trying to install the sims 4 in Lutris. Also Lutris pops up after a few minutes, “Command exited with code 256” (which i think exit codes other than 0 are bad. Is there any way to do what the command says (set RLIMIT_NICE’s priority to more than 20, i think?) or what else can I do? thanks for the help

Here is the output of lutris -d:

While it “installs” it doesnt actually install and says “The executable at path does not exist” as if theres no game installed

Just to share, I installed Sims 4 on standalone installer just add the exe executable in lutris worked, no need to do any special settings. I have have also installed with origin. How are you installing sims 4 stand alone or origin. You might be a corrupt version of sims 4? Try another one!

i was using EA App (aka Origin) installer option on Lutris, though EA app standalone works. is there any difference between those two?