Cannot install jagex launcher

Using the install script from the search in lutris i get this everytime ive searched and cant find anything

Started initial process 260 from /home/evie/.var/app/net.lutris.Lutris/data/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-GE-Proton8-13-x86_64/bin/wine /home/evie/Games/jagex-launcher/drive_c/windows/explorer.exe /home/evie/.var/app/net.lutris.Lutris/cache/lutris/installer/jagex-launcher/jagexlauncher/Jagex%20Launcher%20Installer.exe
Start monitoring process.
esync: up and running.
wine: RLIMIT_NICE is <= 20, unable to use setpriority safely
Initial process has exited (return code: 0)

Linux Mint 21.2
5.15.0-82-generic kernel