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Cannot instal Fallout 3 GOTY - GOG

Install script available on page seems broken.
On a certain task (the one related with links creation to Saves directory), installer stuck with exit code 256.
Does anyone had that error too?
I’m using latest Fedora and GOG version of the game

I don’t know about those Lutris install scripts (I don’t use them) but Fallout 3 from GoG should work just fine. I have exactly that.

Just manually create a Wine prefix with Lutris (lutris-7.2 wine runner should be fine) and run the GoG installer with “Run Exe in Wine Prefix”. Fix up your paths to the game executable and stuff in the settings after the game is installed.

I don’t use GoG Galaxy, just the “offline backup installers” as they are calling them now.

** update **

As I use an Intel video card, I had to download a fix:

Crash on “New Game” - d3d9.dll fix - Intel Fix -

If you crash on clicking new game you likely have onboard Intel graphics card (This can also work for non Intel cards, it’s a very common issue) you can use this fix, which tricks the game to thinking you have a different video card. (Windows Vista, 7 , 8 , 10, confirmed) (This fix overrides fallout.ini and includes the multicore fix)

Now everything is working fine. Thank you

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The GOG script is broken for me here as well, with the same exit code. I like the idea of this script, because of the patches it adds in. Shame is broken.

Yeah, I wish it worked. But you can always install patches by hand using “Execute EXE in this prefix” from Lutris.
Anyway, I’m playing almost 50 hours now and it’s working nicely on my intel gpu.