Cannot Access Wine Configuration

Okay, so I am trying to install Origin through Lutris right now and I got as far as trying to launch Origin but it says I need to set the OS version to Windows 7 or higher and I know i do that through the wine configuration menu but when I select it from the context menu (that’s what the drop downs are called right? Sorry, not good with the actual names of things) to open it nothing comes up. Lutris just sits there and never lets me do it?
This is on Lutris 0.4.14 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, by the way.

Both installer versions set Wine to Windows 7.

For winecfg not opening try launching lutris from a terminal lutris -d and see what it outputs.

Hmm, no idea why its saying otherwise then. I think I’ll try to take it out and do it over again. Maybe something went weird when it was going through the installer originally.
If that doesn’t work, I’ll be back in a bit with the terminal output.

Did you sign-in during install? Doing so breaks Origin for some reason… Close it after you reach the sign-in window, relaunch it, and then sign-in.

You know what? I did log in during the install. And deleting it and redoing it seems to have worked perfectly.

Still can’t open wine configuration, no real reason too but should I still fetch the terminal output for it since I should be able to access it all the same?

Yeah but it’d better to submit the error on Github. That is if you have one.