Canceling a Fork commits it

It happend now twice to me.
I was trying to write installers and wantet to look at the instructions i simply clicked on the fork button of any game and then afterwords press cancel.
But i just notice it commits the installer.

I’ve noticed that as well but it’s not a huge problem. I regularly go through all installers with a “Change me” version and delete them. I might automate this by running a query that deletes them automatically before sending the daily moderator email.

I have similar problem. I forked script from Theme hospital ( into Teenagent ( and now I see two scripts are commited - first one is exactly the same like ThemeHospital script - this one should be deleted (maybe I pressed cancel button once like Onurb in this thread) and the second script is correct (almost) - this script has “Change Me version” label, but when i try to edit it, it has “GOG” version, which is correct. Maybe a bug?

The installers now use revisions to allow anyone to edit installers. What you were seeing with the “Change me” label was the direct fork of the Theme Hospital. Revisions are not displayed in the installer list since they are personal but if you’ve created one, it will be loaded and you can continue making more edits.

The new moderating system is now working pretty well (I’ve been validating several installers per day since the system was deployed) but it’s still quite new so we need to iron out the details so things are clearer for users.

(I’ve published the installer btw)

Thanks for explanation. I am looking forward to create more scripts!