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Can you add Windows games that have already been installed?


Hello, I hope my question is not too noob. I did look around the forums but did not find an answer. My games are on two separate NTFS drives - one HDD and one SSD. Is it possible, that instead of installing the games on my Linux drive, I just add them from the NTFS drives?


Yes, you can even set the default Games folder to be on one of those NTFS drives. (Preferences > Main Game Folder)


So all I have to do is add the Steam folder to Lutris and it will detect the games inside?


I have plenty of games already installed. Lutrus detected them automatically. just goto preferances then tell it to import your wine steam windows games. You will need to close and relaunch lutris as it won’t update until the next restart.


Hi, guys. Just wanted to thank you - all I did was add my game folders to Wine Steam, synced, restarted Lutris and all games appeared. However I am unsure if Lutris automatically applies the game scripts from the website. For example Fallout 4 gives me a black screen after the launcher, even though it’s supposed to be able to run ok-ish on the latest Wine version. Am I missing something here?