Can you add windows 95 to lutris app?

Hi, im trying to install resident evil. but needs 95. can you add windows 95 to the app?

Win 95 is a frontend for MSDOS 6.5+, which is a 16bit OS. No modern computer including wine offers 16bit mode. Your best bet is to install that old games in DOSbox. If you are on modern Win 7,8,10 or 11, then D-fend Reloaded might be your choice, as it wraps Dosbox in a nice, easy to use GUI.
I tested DOSbox as a runner in Lutris to no avail, too much hazzle.

i see thanks.

sounds like its a bit different to install these games on lutris.

makes sense.

sounds like its a huge issue on 95 end of things.

As far as I remember, and as far as Wikipedia explains, Windows 95 is 32-bit OS with backwards compatibility for 16-bit: Windows 95 - Wikipedia
Also, Wine actually offers compatibility for Windows 95, and even older versions, way down to Windows 2.0.
I’m not really sure Resident Evil will play on DosBox… But I also didn’t know there was a version of Resident Evil (1996) for any PC OS, until I read this thread today. I only remember the Play Station and Saturn versions from back in the day. (And probably libretro/retroarch is a good way to play these versions on Linux.)

But anyway, there is a discussion about how to play Resident Evil 1 to 7 on Linux on Reddit:

Maybe you can find some useful information there. Good luck!

Right, if RE is a W32 application, Dosbox isn’t the right choice. Sorry for being misleading here.
There is an install script on, have you tried this ?

Resident Evil: Installs the Windows version by Mediakite

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