Can the source code be compiled to run on Windows 10?

I’m currently on Windows and would like to enjoy the functionality of Lutris (the fact it collects games and launches them).
Not interested in GoG and Steam integration. My question is:
Can it be compiled to run under windows?

Lutris is written in Python and is not compiled. You basically need Python and all packages which are used by the application. One of those is Gtk, which is a widget framework.

That said, Lutris is build for use in Linux so all system calls are placed there with Linux in mind.

First step would be to basically try to run it and see what errors pop up. When you encounter a call or package which is Linux specific then you need to find an alternative which is available under Windows and switch it out.

This can be quite a bit of work…

I have no experience with trying to get Lutris to work on Windows, but I imagine it would be a lot of work. I would recommend trying something else.

In particular, I recommend that you check out Playnite on Windows. Although quite different than Lutris in appearance, in principle it does the same thing. It is also open-source, and very well-developed. I actually learned about Lutris when finding alternatives for Playnite on Linux, since Playnite is only for Windows at the moment (the dev says he uses a lot of the .NET framework so he doesn’t think it’d be feasible to port it).

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Technically he could try running it in Cygwin, but running games with Wine on Windows… Heh.

There’s a lot of potential problems. Wine isn’t really meant for Windows either and has problems there as well.

Just looking for a lot of trouble. Its probably not worth even trying.