Can not sync to steam - public profile - error at first

Hi there,

i’m a new user and im trying out lutris. First thing: you should somehow mention that you have to create an account on for starters. I couldn’t find this info easily. So for new users it should be written down somewhere prominent. Or maybe i overread - so its my fault :wink:

Anyway - i am using Kubuntu 18.04 with Lutris 0.4.23, firefox 63.0.
But if i understand right i have to connect my steam account throught the website (“My Account” -> Import your Steam library).

But: this didnt’t work.

  1. I click the “sign in through steam” button on> My account
  2. i login to steam and type in the steam guard code (the " Success! You can now access your steam account…
  3. I am redirected to -> my library where i can read "Your Steam library is being synced with your Lutris account "

But no games appeared.

In the steam client my settings under view my profile-> Edit Profile -> my privacy settings
I had all but “Game details” and "Can post comments on my profile set to public.

It worked after i set all to public. So maybe this should be clarified on the lutris page :wink: - as not the “My profile” option seems to be the one that needs to be public - but the “Game details” (guess the comment option may not be the reason for the error).

Maybe this helps someone who gets the same error - as " Your steam profile must be public during the sync process" at least for me didnt include the settings for game details.


Hello and welcome to lutris!

I am not sure but I think that both of these things should work without the steps you did. Lutris can be run without an account, you can either install games manually or download the scripts and launch them locally, the account is only there to allow you to sync your library, afaik. Obviously I have an account and its the easiest way IMO, especially since you cant use the browser launch option on kubuntu, because of something about how it handles the links i remember reading.

The steam library should also work. I do not launch my steam from lutris i only know because i was trying to migrate my library to a new install and accidentally synced my steam games. So unless my steam already had those options set, then they aren’t required… at least to just sync your library. After the sync it might need to have the settings set though to launch them properly idk.

Anyway glad you got it working.