Can no longer launch LoL menu

Hello, I made the mistake of trying to run League of Legends with Proton, and when I changed the runner back to Lutris-GE-7.0-8-LoL, the menu no longer appears, only the logo.

wine: Call from 000000007B0123AE to unimplemented function winegstreamer.dll.winegstreamer_create_video_decoder, aborting

Which is a mysterious error… I tried reinstalling Lutris-GE, and deleting share/wineprefixes/LoL-folder, but to no avail.

LoL needs wine(lutris)-GE-lol-p8-12 to run

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Oh, that actually works… Thank you so much! I was on the verge of giving up. Riot doesn’t make life easy for us, but thank god for this wonderful community.

still working ? today’s patch broke everything for me

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