Can I select runner at install?

I would like to install the Wine version of a game, but the only available option by Lutris is the Linux version.
(The game in this instance is Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition from GOG)

Previous on Lutris I was able to select either the Wine or Linux version at install, but currently only the Linux version shows up. (I don’t know if this may be the result of a recent update of Lutris)
This forces me to download the Windows Install files from GOG, then run them through Wine, then go to Lutris to locate the installed game. Obviously this is not ideal.

How can I select Wine as the runner at install?
Any help would be kindly appreciated.

I am using Manjaro and Lutris is installed from the Official Repositories. I have Proton 8 installed in Lutris as my Wine runner. I have Wine Staging installed on the system.

There is a bug in 0.5.13 lutris that requires it to use the latest GE wine build from lutris wine manager - if it isn’t found it will default to system wine and the install will fail. This is fixed in 0.5.14. Most games install fine with GE 8.13 except LOL which needs the GE lol-8.12 wine.

I found that if I right-click on the game icon in Lutris and then select “View on” it allows me to select the Windows version. When I select this it takes me back to the Lutris app where I am able to select the Windows version to install.
This is still a very roundabout way of doing it, and as I mentioned in my first post, Lutris used to let you choose between the available version directly.

It also does not install correctly. The installation completes prematurely (this does not happen when using the system Wine to install) and the Lutris Window says “Source does not exist: 67483” and “Exit with return code 0” and the only option is to select “abort”.

It seems the only way to register a game’s Wine version with the way Lutris currently works is to install it manually and then detect it using Lutris. But this sometimes causes errors when running the game, which I could resolve in the past by intalling directly using Lutris.

While it appears user ‘jhu’ pretty much summed things up for you…

what you said there is pretty much what I do with all of my games in general is install them through a standard Wine installation (i.e. either through the system installed Wine ( generally from ), or through a wine prefix created by PlayOnLinux temporarily (I usually use PlayOnLinux temporarily since I install my games to a different hard drive and then after deleting the PlayOnLinux wine prefix, only the installed game data is left)) and then simply create a shortcut in Lutris and guide it to the games main EXE and it works with the usual ‘GE 8-12’ and variations with the a proper prefix setup in Lutris (i.e. right click game shortcut… ‘Configure > Game options’ and on ‘Wine prefix’, for example… “/home/user/GameNameHere/” (without the " and swap ‘user’ with whatever your system is setup as)).

so while it might not be ideal, as I get people would probably prefer Lutris itself do everything from ‘installation to a working state’, since it’s probably a bit less work, at least that manual way is a reliable way to get stuff working on Lutris since it gets ones game to a installed state and then you simply guide your shortcut in Lutris to the games main EXE (assuming your using a decent runner like ‘GE 8-12’ etc) is the basic idea :wink: