Can I change my language settings?

After I installed Lutris, the default language is simplified Chinese, I want to change it to English, but I can’t find any options that are related to it. I wonder if I can change the language settings.

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Before you launch Lutris you should be able to change the Locale for that program

LANG=en_US.UTF-8 lutris

Thank you a lot!

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Can someone elaborate? My system is set to English, but Lutris still uses my native language.

Probably it is not your whole system, the easy way to solve it for you is to look for the .desktop file and modify the Exec line to the comand I gave in my previous post.

My systeme is fedora (Nobara os), all is in french but lutris is in english, i try the comand with “fr_FR.UTF-8” but its not working…if somone have an idee?