Can an ISO file be mounted in a way that Wine will interpret it as a "compact disc"?

So, I have a Windows game that, to my knowledge, only exists as a physical disc and isn’t available online. Rather than try and keep searching the web for a file of my game, I decided to manually install my game on my Linux PC using the physical disc and Lutris.

From what I’ve read, a lot of people recommend converting physical compact discs (CDs) into .iso files and installing and playing your games using just the .iso files.

Now, I was able to successfully copy my game from the disc to a .iso file. Then, I successfully installed the game using just the .iso file. However, when I try playing the game, I get a message saying “You must insert the disc in order to play.”

The game will run just fine if I use the physical disc, but it won’t count the mounted .iso file as “the disc”.

So, I’m assuming some copy-protection shenanigans are going on.

I used AcetoneISO to mount my .iso files.

If I want to play my games using just .iso files, what is the “correct” way to mount a Windows game .iso file?

This indeed looks like copy protection. We had this problem too when these games were new. We used to look for no-cd patches in order to get it to work. We could then install the game from disk but the disk wasn’t needed anymore to simply play it. Ah. The memories…

I don’t know what game it is but I often look at site as myabandonware because there these patches are added to the downloads.

You could try running Wine Settings for the game in question, open the “Drives” tab, find on what letter does it look for your optical drive, and change the path so that it points to where your ISO is mounted instead.

Well, I tried what you suggested. I went into “Wine configuration” and added AcetoneISO virtual drive directory as the “D:” drive in Wine (which is the drive Wine always uses for my optical disk drive), but I’m still getting the “You must insert the disc in order to play.” message.

Never mind my previous comment!

When in the “Wine configuration” window, and you add the AcetoneISO virtual drive directory, select the drive and click the button that says “Show Advanced”. This opens up the advanced settings. Set the “Type” of drive to “CD-ROM” and it will detect the drive as a compact disc.

Ah, yes! I forgot that particular step. It’s been a long time since the last time I’ve played a game this way, I remember I was tweaking around there, but forgot that last step. I’m glad you were able to figure it out. :slight_smile: