Call of Duty Warzone

I’m working on making Call of Duty Warzone working. I have Starcraft, Diablo III and others from Blizzard working but this one is quite special it seems to have a anti-cheat system blocking de boot of the game from the Blizzard app.

I’ve tried Overwatch config with no luck.

Also found this :

That confirmed the anti-cheat thing.

Anyone else interested?

Call of Duty Warzaone its using the same anti cheat as Call of Duty BO4 , the newest Call of Duty known to work on linux is Advanced Warfare (multi player and single player). I don’t think they well bother to ease the use of wine in this game as they never deed in BO4.

Well that suki-suki, I’m thinking of dual booting just for this :confused: I have friends waiting me to join.

Bummer. I thought that it was using Overwatch’s anticheat.

I used the New Apex legends anti-cheat wine and managed to open Warzone for a few minutes, when it got to ‘Checking for update’ it crashed, i have the Debug info from the logs on lutris. @Fultos

I managed to open and install everything without problems, but the game doesn’t start. How can I help? Logs?