Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Has anyone made any progress on this one? When I hit Play in the launcher, nothing happens.

Many of the newer COD games have not worked at all in Wine or Proton. I believe the newest COD to run on Linux is COD Advanced Warfare which was released in 2014.

Hi, any progress in this game? :slight_smile:

Came here to check on this today. Any news?

It seems like no one’s even bothering with trying to get COD to run on linux anymore, since it’s been so long since one has worked. Which REALLY sucks, because that’s one franchise where if we got it to work the way Doom works on linux, we could actually get a lot of people to make the switch. But no one’s even bothered to make an entry or even comment on the game’s page on lutris, I’ve not seen a damn thing about it anywhere except people saying “nah it ain’t gonna work.” No one has actually even bothered trying to debug it.

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I’d like to test around and eventually give out bug reports for it, but the high price is too much, if it doesn’t work in the end at all :C

Remastered version looks like working ok ->

Would like to see, if this is also the case for multiplayer.

Also, I think it would be good if we could add something to differ between Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare. :smiley:

e.g. calling the new one Modern Warfare 2019 or sth. like this does this.

Hey all, just so you know it looks like there is some movement on this on winehq via a bug that’s being looked at. Hopefully somebody picks up it, but if you want to add some data feel free!