Call of Duty Black Ops 2 crashes with "unhandled exception caught" error

As the title says. the game starts and then crashes with the error message “unhandled exception caught”. Is there a fix for this error?

What wine version are you using? Wine 5.* has caused me a lot of problems, dropping down to 4.21 or 5.0 has fixed issues I’ve encountered.

I use tgk-4.6.

“unhandled exception caught” could be anything. This is the result of creating bad error messages.
I think the developers thought, one notification for all errors should be enough.
“Normaly” with such an error, try to restart the game and its gone untill the next error apear.

This error appears every time I launch the game. I’ve encountered this error years ago on windows and it was fixed by installing Microsoft visual C++ 2010 but when I install that using wine tricks on Linux, the problem does not get fixed.