Burnout Paradise via Lutris via steam?

Yesterday I succesfully installed Lutris on my main pc, a Linux mint 20 system. The reason is that I bought Burnout paradise on steam. I play the game on a windows 10 laptop witch is upstairs i a other room. I want to install the game on my main pc.
After installing Origin on Lutris the game library opens and I can see games I bought earlier. For instance, when I hit simcity 2000 from the library, Origin installs the game with no problems at all.

The Burnout paradise is bought in steam ( I gues its a new cooparation with Origin or what so ever)
So in my Origin game library only this game has an extra label “Steam” and when I hit " Download" nothing happens.

I suppose I have to connect in some way to steam, but cannot find an entrance.

Is sombody experiance the same issue? I even tried to buy the game again true Origin but do not get it done. The only Burnout Paradise in my library has this extra Steam label.

So I have no solution to that. Is there anyone who has a good suggestion how to solve this?

via the reports of ProtonDB the remaster of Burnout Paradise seems not to work in Linux but if you want to try it and you bought the game with steam i highly recommend you install the game with steam… you will most likely have to enable steam play for all games in the settings under steam play and then tick the checkbox

I tried first to install with Steam, but than after a wile during setup, steam wants to install origin witch never installs. keeps hanging on step 1 of 3. that was what I saw from thursday to saterday.
A friend told me that he had setup just from a Origin gamekey on Windows, so I had the idea to install Origin on Lutris. The game is there but not available ( see my story )

Tis afternoon I had it and buyed a gamekey for Origin, I know its the second time. I gues its a linux user tease. Origin installes the game after filling in the gamecode, seems to start, again no. It craches wile trying to start, short after seeing Loading. OMG why do they make it so difficult,

well that the game starts and then crashes seems to be in line with what the people under protondb are saying i guess no one came further than that also i know it might take a little when steam installs origin but i haven’t heard of it not installing origin / hanging at installing origin

I gues you are right. thanks for the info!

well guys i have the out of box version of the game but , having problem while installing and running the game. the folder contains a Installer and a launcher. I’m just wondering how to run the game.earlier i tried nfsmw 2005 and the game worked like a charm.