Bug in LoL when the game start

I am aware of the previous problem caused by Riots anti-cheating change and the problems it caused. But supposedly Wine 3.12 version solved this problem accordingly with the LoL page on Lutris:

However, I uninstalled LoL from my PC, uninstalled Lutris, uninstalled previous Wine, and Winetricks Versions, and installed the newer versions from Wine 3.12 and Winetricks:
I used the Dev branch because it is the only one with the 3.12 version.
I also installed the newer version of Lutris and Installed LoL directx9 version like it was the first time all clear like new; the client works perfectly as always but after the character selection, when it is supposed to go to the game the following problem happens.

I do not know what to do anymore can you help me?

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This doesn’t fixed yet



Thanks for the information. I was desperate and also pissed off because I lost the VS event because of that update.

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The LoL installer had a bullshit update, the link referred to was related to LoL before the anti-cheat was implemented.

Someone updated the installer without actually testing the game…