[Bug] Cannot ran Drakensang: The dark eye

After changing settings of Drakensang: The dark eye and exit application, I cannot rerun it. Lutris show an error that file in $WINEPREFIX/drive_c/users/$user_name/My dokuments.winecfg already exists. The only way to repair it is removing given directory. I don’t test I can remove My Dokuments and replace it by My dokuments.winecfg, but is the normal user do this after any configuration change?

And this bug is related to lutris, cause icon in message dialog, etc.

…I’m confused. Are you trying to reinstall the game every time you run it or something?

I’m not trying reinstall app. I’m only change settings, game ask to rerun and cannot ran after quit, because settings was changed.
I have two directories in emulated Windows’ home: My Dokuments and My Dokuments.winecfg. Second was probably created, when I try to change settings. I don’t known, why lutris check of existence of My Documents.winecfg, but message displayed this file exist have lutris icon.

I’ve never seen a folder with such a name… and it doesn’t make sense for any config file to be that deep in. Is that an issue specific to the game?
Try to run the game externally from Lutris (using the same Wine binary and wineprefix as Lutris):

WINEPREFIX="/path/to/game/prefix" path/to/wine path/to/game/executable

The only idea I have ATM is that this might be a locale-related bug, so running it with English language (LANG=en_US.UTF-8) might help. But, for that you’d probably have to install prefix from scratch (if the folder names you’re giving are accurate).

It’s ugly. I do what you asks and now everything worked. I also updates lutris before do what you asks, so I don’t known what can be reason.